sister blog to view from the eagles nest.God,s love gives you wings to fly.and hope to get by.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

make a joyfull noise unto the Lord.

If my people do not praise me the creation will.
this eagle looks like he is singing to praise the Lord for his blessings.
many times in my travels I have seen wild life praising the Lord.
the trees and the water ways sing with joy to the Lord.
the sky with its clouds praise him.the wind whispers his name through the pines.
even the little brooks and streams praise him.
we need to praise him to for all his love and his many blessings to us who love him.

so little time so many flowers.

Did you ever feel like the little humming bird?
like there just wasnt enough time in the day or even the week to get everything done.
I love to watch humming birds at Anna,s.they come to her feeders and its a real blessing to see the little guy,s early in the morning and off and on all day till evening.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

who does your feathers?

thats the last times I go to that beauty shop!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

this mirror must be broke,I look like crap..

watch your self old man!!!!!
oh its you dear I thought I was looking in the mirror..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

up up and away,Gods love can make your heart take wings.

The mouse who could be brave

come fly with me and see the world.and climb to heavens door.we will sore and glid and sore and glid somemore.we will see wonders love has made when all of this was new.and we will go where God will lead and see his love is true.

once I sat on a moutain side and longed to see the sky.and so I longed for wings so I could fly.for days I prayed and prayed .but wings they did not come.instead a ballon fell from the sky as if to beckon me to come.

I held on to the string and slowly walked to the edge,the wind caught me and lifted me from the ledge.high up I went I dare not look down,and all around me beauty my heart how it did pound.

clouds raced by me and birds tipped their wings to wave,I loved the feeling of a mouse who could finely be brave.I was all in wonder and the earth I did not see,all I cared of was finely being me.the days of being earth bound had finely let go ,and I was in my glory but was sure not to let go.

I looked for all Id dreamed of while sleeping in my nest,and thanked God for all things wich I had been blessed.for family far and wide for dreams he made come true.for all the things he did for me and you.

but as I was ready for so much more, my balloon begin to move, to slowly bring me drifted softly on afternoon breeze,and sit me down safely nicely as you please.

I looked around in wonder at my own door I stood,I wondered how God could always be so good.the balloon lay flat on the ground and I read what it said as I turned around.

I love you and want you to always have my best,dont limit me or put me to a test,just do as I ask you and always do your best.and nothing will ever hold you down from heavens qwest.

this was writen by leann and all rights are part of this can be used.

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