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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

glory rays and God bless the troops.

guess I better do a post or you will think I died.
well its been a bit busy here and stressful at times. around the frist of the month at around 11:00 pm the fire alarm went off at the apartment.I was just ready for bed.I had to get dressed and go out into the hall.
they do tests now and then so we didnt know if it was a test or I went back in to see if fire truck was here.they were and one fire man was getting his stuff on.
I walked down to the next wing to see if there was anyone there.two fire men were taking a lady down who was in a wheel chair.I asked if there was a fire.they didnt answer me but told me to go to my wing.
I no sooner got to my wing when a fire man came running in saying we needed to go out of the building.
we all hurryed down the stairs.I could then smell the smoke.I said Lord you promised while I lived here I wouldnt have to worry about fires!!! so I am taking that promise for me and all who live here.please get the fire out fast and pertect all our all to get out safe.
everyone was down in the first floor loby.I touched the shoulder of one of the ladys who was in a wheel chair.then I walked out side to my van.I called Anna and told her what was going on.she said to come out there to stay.I said I would cause I didnt know if we could be able to go back in that night or not.
as I drove out I looked to see if I could see flames but all was dark.the fire had been on the 8th floor on the southwest wing.thats one floor above me and in the other I drove to Anna,s I prayed and I felt a peace I cant explain.I just knew all would be ok.but my mind wanted to over react.but the peace helped me know all would work out.
I got to Anna,s and we talked for a while then went to I lay down I said my prayers and fell into a restful sleep. I had no way of knowing if Id have a home to go home to.but this peace just washed over me and I fell asleep.
the next day we drove into see what was going on.and the boys had called when they went to school telling us they heard about it on the news.the news said the fire was in the 8th floor and they put it out fast and it only was contained to that apartment.little smoke damage and some painting needed.
Anna had me stay over a few days so I got my stuff and we left my apartment.there was no smoke smell or anything.
thank you Lord for your protection.
Then the 16th of the month they lay my fathers body to rest.winter they cant cause the frost in the we all meet at the little cemetary to say goodby till we see each out was a nice mild day.the wind was blowing from the west.the sun was was the kind of day my father would have loved.Anna went with me for support.we broke every speed limet cross country.cause I ran into a road block that made me have to find a new way over it was I still beat the rest of the family there by about 15 minutes.
as I sat there waiting I was thinking that Dad wasnt in that box,he was walking steets of gold and very much alive and well.He has a new body and he no longer has the efects of the when the spirit of sorrow would try to come on me Id brust it away with the truth.
the words "oh death where is thy sting,oh drave where is your victory"? for my father is not dead but alive in heaven with Jesus.and I was gald for Dad cause he was free.I know where my father is and I know its a far better place then here.
so now Iam a child with my mom gone home my step Dad and my father,my granny and grandpa,aunts uncles,cousin,s,friends in heaven.I still have my step mom who is a blessing and my half brother and his family from that side of the family.
we left the cemetry and headed over to the farm for a lunch the family step mom had went all out and made all the things my Dad loved.gloryfied rise,potatoe salad,roast beef,buns,kfc and more.
we all sat around the big table and one of the brother in laws said some thing nice about my Dad.and one of the young ones said a heart touching thing how Dad had touched his life.we visted and lauphed and enjoyed being together.everyone said how good the food was and how nice my step mom looked.she has had a hard time of it sence Dad left.she doesnt know what to do with her self with out Dad to take care of.
but now its her time to be just her.she needs a rest.she took care of my granny for years and when she went home to Jesus it was only a short time till Dad needed her to care for him.any way she has a new life to lead now.
Tj called me up one day last week and asked me to come out to I did and they kept me there till they left to go down to lucy,s and Paul,s places.I came home and spent the weekend was ok cause I did some stuff I needed to do and just enjoyed the time alone.
I havent felt like posting just didnt have the energy or what ever.and just didnt feel I had the I just didnt go on the blog at please forgive me I just didnt have anything thing to share.but today as I sat here I felt it was time.
God bless our troops from every war.they faught to give us the freedom we have now.their blood crys out from their craves to say "we faught for freedom for those who couldnt.remember our part in your freedom, and dont protest what we did.or you belittle our deaths,and make our familys feel bad and hurt them.our deaths will never be in vain,for a fight for freedom is a fight for right."
God bless every man and woman who has faught in every war.they are hero,s to me.thank you all for the freedom this country has because of one likes war.but if it has to be, then give me men and women who have what it takes to stand up and fight for what is right.where would we be if they had run for the hill,s or canada?things would be alot diffrent here.
this is my saying.
"Prayers not protest will get our troops home safe".think of that the next time you feel like protesting,its a waste of time and it hurts the troops who are fighting around the world,and also their familys.everyone wants the troops home safe ,but not before the job is done!!!!
To those who have lost loved ones in the war,s I share your pain and lose.I respect your loved one for fighting for what is right.I know that one day you will see that loved one again.heaven holds the hero,s."there is no greater gift then to lay ones life down for a friend or a stranger."