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Monday, June 23, 2008

family ties are strong.

The time I have been away from the blog has been spent with family and the Lord.
I just havent felt like posting for a long time.I see the kids and do things with them and have fun.but I just am posted out or I will post when I can.
I will be reading your comments and your blogs but may not get time to comment for a while.
I see I have had some faithful friends who seem to hang around even if I havent been on for a while.thank you dear ones.but some people drop you if you have to take some time for your self.for you faithful ones your dear to my heart.
sunday my step mom,me Anna,Eric,jake,TJ all got together at Anna,s.step mom helen made potatoe salad BBQ.I brought bushes bean,s Anna made fruit salad and CAKE yummy.we stuffed our selves and looked at the family tree way back to the early was awesome.the names and pictures of family long sence gone way before we were born.I have family who lived in cornwall England.and came to the USA to live.some day when Iam more able to post Ill get the copy of the tree and share some with you.
all I know is we are related to Nathen Hale.the dude who said."give me liderty or give me death."
and on my mom,s side Robin Hood.Oh brother men in tiets.and I read in the papers that we had a preacher way back in time.he had a girlfriend who was a french dancer.and then he showed up in another town with a wife with a diffrent name.and down the line one of the kids got the dancers name.but dont think the wife new it was the dancers name.or maybe she did cause he died not to long after.No just kidding!!!!
its funny to see how people lived and what they called their kids.alot of bible names.and some I wouldnt call my poor dog.
and some of them had so many kids I woulder how they could feed them all. we looked over all the stuff she had with her and then we just visited.later we watched some was a great day.
Experience Woodberry was one of the ladys names in the family way down in the line.her middle name was odd to ,but it slip,s my mind was a real long name for a little girl to write.
well today the window washers are busy doing the windows.good thing my shades are closed cause Iam sitting in my nighty.I do my own so they dont do them.they came in once when I was gone and broke my shade,s and never replaced they dont get in no more.
have a wonderful summer and maybe Ill feel more like posting soon.God bless you all.thanks for stopping.