willow in the mist

sister blog to view from the eagles nest.God,s love gives you wings to fly.and hope to get by.

Monday, March 30, 2009

spring is on the way.

hello Iam still alive and doing well.
guess I better say something about the new things going on sence I was on here last.(about the vote and the mess in the big office) Iam getting a new bumper sticker. ( DONT BLAME ME I VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY!!) and that is all Ill say about that.
I have been busy doing things to keep myself busy.and for some reason just did not feel like bloging. and didnt feel I had anything to say or share.and didnt want to put on usless empty words just to put something on.the kids are all healthy and busy with their own lives.the grandkids are busy with school.and TG is working and going to tec school.he is taking up tool and dye making.
and me I just visit them now and then and keep in touch with my friends.my step mom and I talk almost every day and I do not know what Id do without her.she has been a blessing in my life.
she is doing better sence Dad passed away.she seems to have come back to life again and has a zest for life.she is baby sitting her grandkids and enjoying life.
today I got a nuge to get on the computer.so I desided if I did Id post a small post to see if anyone is still reading my blog or if I have slipped into the dead zone.its easy to do that if you dont post every day.but sometimes its emportant to take time for your self.I needed time to heal and deal with some things that were bugging me. things that only God could help me with.and when It takes a dry spell to do it then its harder.I have felt like I been in the desert where dead dry bones stared back at me as if to say I was not worth anything to my self or others.I couldnt see why God had left me here in this dead dry place.it was a hard spot to be in.
It was as if I had been walking along with the Lord and stopped to look around and when I turned back I couldnt see him anymore,it was scary.I knew he didnt leave me cause He doesnt do that.so some how I lost him.I woundered how I was going to get back to his side?I prayed and asked about things that had gone on in the past.and I needed to know why some things had happned in the frist place.some things were so heavy on my shoulders I felt like I couldnt go anymore under the load.
I had to be very honest with the Lord and see things as I should.one thing with God he does not fool around you eather be honest with him and your self or He just lets you be till you are.I had pieces from my past that I was trying to figure out.and you know some times you do not have any answers.some times things just happen and you cant figure them out.its at those times you just have to let go and let God.
Life is so short and time so valueable that you need to live and move on from things you cant change.some times people do things and you cant understand why.and it effects you and others.but you have to keep on living and doing what you know is best.
I found a verse in the bible where it talks about not knowing how good you had it till you see how bad it could be.and you know its true.once long ago me and the girls lived in a little house in a town close to here.we rented from a family that had a hard time.the mom had cancer and everyone did things for her and they all felt they had a bumb deal.I did the best to care for the house and even if I was alone I did what I could to leave the place better then I found it.
the roof was fixed by a company cause I was not making much money.and they also put blowen in insilation and fixed the porch roof that lecked.over 5.000 free work on the house that wasnt even mine.the landlord would not fix the roof cause he didnt have the money.so from three years I had to pray we wouldnt have heavy snow cause the water would run in the bathroom.
one snowy night when I got up to go to the bathroom I seen a miracle.the water was running across the seling and into the bathtub.I stood there looking at it and could not believe my eyes.I stepped on a dry floor where water should have been on a wet carpet .
water does not run like that it drips stright down.I woke up the girls to see it.and they were suppised as well.well the roof got fixed and I didnt have to step in cold water in the winter anymore.
to make along storyshort when we moved the lady wanted me to find someone to rent the place.so I found another lady with two kids to rent the place.I had to move by my self and the girls who were out of the home then were to clean their room and get their stuff.guess they didnt vac the floor and take some of their stuff.the lady was really ugly with me and said I left the place in a mess and was very mean.
I felt bad but could not do anything about it cause I had done the best I could.I wrote her a note and said.I had to pack all my stuff alone.I had only two people help me move and by time I was done I was wore out.you had a moving company do all of that for you.you had a husband to help you I was alone.I did the best I could for you.and when 5.000 dollors for work was done on your home for free just cause I lived there you never even said thank you.
what you need is to have a really bad renter so you know the diffrance.
it was funning cause the lady and kids who moved in there were just what the landlady needed.where the house was fxed while we lived there.these people trashed the place.they knocked out windows and trashed doors.they made the place look like a dump.and I thought dont complain cause you could really find out what bad renters really are.
and I believe in the next 4 years those who trashed bush will find out what a bad president really is like.from what I see now we are in for a long hard ride.and I believe God gives some people what they ask for so they know what bad really is.
Mr obama you are not my president,your not the Messiah (Jesus is),you make desions that go againt Gods word and it will come back to haunt you.God honoers life and unborn babys.your choices show you are not a man that follows Gods word.to me you are a Obamanation and I for one am glad I did not vote for you.and all the others I know are glad they didnt eather.I pray the blessing of God is still on the USA.cause the people who believe still live here.I use my remote alot,I change the channel when ever you are on. and I pray God can open your eyes and heart to see the truth.
Be careful what you ask for you may get it....

Monday, October 13, 2008

where the Lord leads.

The weather has been so nice so I been out running the roads so I will be off for a while yet.but Iam getting my pictures ready to post as soon as I can.
the family and I took a drive up north of where we live.and the guys went fishing while Anna and I drove around looking for pic,s to take.
so Ill get busy and post them into my folder and then put them on here.
God bless you all and have a wonderful harvest time.
check out view form the eagles nest cause I put some fall pic,s on there to.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the handy work of God.

the fall colors will soon be here and the sound of the canadain geese has already been heard in the country side.
I have been busy and enjoying my rest from blogging.but I have missed my blogging friends.so I desided to post so you didnt think I forgot you or that I had passed away.
the things I been busy with where healing and finding out where I stand with people.I been finding who I can trust and who I cant.
my family is so good to me.they are here no matter what.Anna and I worked together doing pickles.we made frig pickles and dill pickles.my step mom brought us alot of cukes to work with.
so Anna and I made pickles.and boy are they good.I wish now Id have made more dill,s.they are so yummy and I only made one big jar.but I know darn well they will disapair fast.O well you live and learn.
Anna and the family heard about a little dog who needed a home.she is a pom like teddy their other dog.she is smaller then him and timid.they didnt feel they should leave her where she was cause she acted as if someone was hurting her.and the people she was with didnt want her.
her name is Pollyanna and she is a little sweetie.she and teddy were with me all the time I was their.when I was in the chair they both layed by me.teddy by my legs and her on my lap.
they are sweet little granddogs.I came home again with the signs of their love all over me.
I didnt get a picture of her yet but I will and Ill put it on the blog when I do.the whole family recieved her with no problem.the kids prayed first that the other animals would be ok with her.and all 4 of them welcomed her with no problem.so Anna has another girl in her family of 7 guys.three men and three male cats and one male dog.the poor girl surely needed another girl in the home.
the guys been helping to get Polly feel at home.they been taking her out and holding her.today Anna said her hubby took a nape and Polly slept by him.Polly has a place that she can feel safe in and a new family who loves her.everyone needs love and a place to feel safe.
well this is a short post but its late and I need to get to bed soon.Ill post more again soon.
God bless you all and Ill be over to comment when I can on your blogs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a light to show the way.

Have a great summer and enjoy the fall.and remember your loved.you are a weclome here.its always nice to see you.and I enjoy your comments.
Ill be back again soon.just need some time for me.
God bless.
we live by faith not what we see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the beauty of Gods handy work.

The lighthouse is a tool men who sail ships use to find their way along rocky shores at night.
Jesus is the lighthouse I use to find my way in the storms of life and when darkness trys to darken my way.
no one can find their way in the darkness without a light to show the way.everyone needs a tool to see clearly.
this summer has had its storms and darkness.and the Lord has always lite my way.
some say you can,t hear Gods voice to guide you.but its just not true.in the word of God he speaks,in the heart who crys to him for help he answers,in the stillness of the night he comes to comfort if we look to him for it.
I have had a few thing,s to deal with that could have sent me over a cliff or made me lose my way.but the Lord guided me safely along .
On the 16th of July the hearing for the divorce was.I was not able to be there in person dew to some problem,s.so the court was kind enough to give me a phone hearing.it was a hard time for me before the hearing.I spent some restless nights because of it.but the Lord asured me it was the best thing for me to do.was to get it over with and move on.
so as the time drew near I was finely at peace about the day.and as it came I was ready.I called the number they gave me and a lady said she would dial me into the courtroom.
the commissener asked us each if we wanted a divorce.we both said yes.then he asked us if eather of us wanted money from eather and we said no.and then he asked hubby to raise his hand and swear to tell the truth so help me God.
hubby said I will swear but I do not believe in God anymore.the room got very still almost as if everyone held their breath.I felt a sick feeling in my heart.and then knew that what the Lord had been telling me was true.hubby had gone the other way.
the rest of the hearing went fast,I was asked to tell the truth and raise my hand and swear.and soon it was almost over.I asked if I could say something.the commish said yes.
I said "in the near future I hope hubby finds his faith again,cause what he said really hurt me".the commish didnt know what to say.then it was all over and I was able to hang up.
I sat there and thought about all that had happened and what was said.and as I sat there a word came to me from the bible."do not be unequily yocked together,believer to nonebeliever."and then I knew why it was best to let even the friendship go.
when two people are not in the same mind set its hard to have harmony or a relationship cause you would always be fighting over it or it would always be a golf between you.
I have had friends who dont believe in God.but as we talked about some of the things that God did for me in my life.the person learned faith.and soon they where seeking God on their own.
one of my best friends recieved Jesus as the Lord of her life only 3 years before she passed away.Ill see maureen in heaven one day.I miss her every day cause she was a sweet lady.she had a heart of gold and would give you the blouse of her back if you needed it.
and one other friend gave her life to the Lord about 5 years before she left to go home.Ill see her to in heaven.she was a dear friend to.she and I use to go traveling.we spent time going on addventures together.her name was Doris.I miss her every day to.
and down through the time others have been touched by Jesus in my life.my sister-in- law,who is now just my sister in christ.came to know Jesus when her brother and I got together.she is now serving God because of what happen while the ex and I were together.and what God was doing in our lives.
but when the hubby flipped out and truned around.the testimony was ripped apart and others who were watching were turned off.its sad but when you cant do anything about it.you have to let it go.
just cause this all happened I didnt give up on God and his plan for my life.I just put it in his hands and went on alone with his help.did I love my ex?yes but my love cant hold someome who didnt love me.when I could no longer stand the stress of the wierd stuff going on.I said Lord my heart can take no more.and the Lord said give him the choice to stay or leave.I was afraid to,cause I still loved him.but I did as the Lord said and gave hubby his choice.
he choose to leave,and when he did the marriage was over.he choose to throw away what we had.and he gave up my love for him and basicly said he didnt love me or want me.what I had given him wasnt valued by him.
and he then blames me cause the things didnt come true.well I dont know about you but it takes two to hold a marriage together.and when one leaves cause that is what he chooses.how can anyone blame God for the choices they make?
will the things God promised me still come to pass? yes!!!only not the way they would have had a few choices not been made.I know God loves me and will never leave me or forsake me.but God is not like human,s.he keeps his promises,they dont.
do I still love the ex?no.but I do care about his soul and where it will spend forever.I prayed and put the ex in the Lords hands.cause I can no longer reach his heart,but God can.
see the ex left God but God didnt leave him.when God makes a promise he keeps it.the HOLY SPIRIT will call out to the ex to return to Jesus, till the day he draws his last breath.and then if the ex still refuses then its not Gods fault.
I felt for a long time that maybe I could have do some thing else.but when I prayed about it the Lord said you can not over ride free will.when someone choice is made its done.you have to step away and let it be.God did not make us pupits.he gave us free will to choose.and the ex didnt really want me in the frist place.he was telling one thing and thinking something else.
Did he love me when we got married?he said he did and I thought he did.he acted like it.his family even said he was sure a good acter if he didnt love me.and he should go to holly wood.yes I said the same thing.
but now with all said and done I see why the Lord told me to give the ex his choice.when the ex stood up in the court room and said what he said about not believing in God anymore.I knew then I had been spared more heart ache by letting him go.
if the ex wont go with me to heaven,Ill not go with him to hell.
there is no other way to heaven but throught Jesus and the cross.the ex wrote me a letter saying he was believing in something called life recordings.and said some other stuff.
but the only way to be saved is through Gods plan not mans.yes life is being recorded.and if the recording is in the book of sin,s and there is no blood to wash them away, then they are still there .and one day a holy God will look at those unwashed life recordings and send the person where he or she choose.and Jesus will cry cause the price was payed but the person refused it.
I dont understand why all this happen in the frist place.but when I ask the Lord all I get is "in this world we will have problems,and we have a enemy who comes to steal, kill ,and distory."and that Jesus comes to give us life more abondantly.
so I let the past drop off me on the 16th and I walk on.I should have had a break down my self,but thanks to Jesus and his love I didnt.I should have just given up and let depression take over,but I didnt cause Jesus comforted me and I went on.
I should have said its all a lie cause the marriage fell apart..but I didnt cause I know people no matter who they are cant be trusted .they make choises that can hurt you.and they can ever betray you and blame you for their own problems.
I take full blame for the marriage and for my own hurt.I believe its better to have loved then never to have loved at all.and if my love was worth nothing to the ex.its ok cause at lest he had someone who did love him without letting his wierd past to stand in the way.
and I should have run its true and all this would never have happen in the frist place.but I believed God could change someone so much that their life could reach others.and I still believe it.I just dont believe it can be forced on someone who would rather believe lies then the truth.
Iam going to stick my kneck out and speak this into the heavenlys.I believe one day that the ex will come to his sences and will call out to God and get back where he belongs with Jesus.and I believe the ex will tell me he has his faith back.and then Ill say good its about time.
will we ever be man and wife again?no its over and Ill never marry again.I learned my leason.life is to short to have someone you love treat you like crap.only Jesus is a great husband only his love makes life full.a man can never give you the love your looking for.they can try but they will always hurt you or cause you pain.and secrets in their lives could cause you even more pain.yes some have good relationships.but dig alittle just under the surface and you will find one person is letting it slide.there is no perfect people in this world.only one there ever was is Jesus.
for me my moto will be (single is better.)Isaiah 54.is what I hang onto.its a promise from God.and I trust his promises.
I aint no angel and maybe a better women could have done better then me.but I am after all me and I have to be true to my heart.sometimes my heart makes choices that have hurt me deeply.I have fallen for men who didnt love or value me.I have tryed to be the best I could be in all I do but I have failed.I believe the only thing I ever did in my life that was good.was my two girls.Oh they aint perfect and they make mistakes.but what I couldnt do the Lord did.
one day Ill face God and Ill have to answer to him for my life and what I did with it.and Ill have to plead the blood.cause with out Jesus nothing I have done would count for anything without him.
I want to hear him say well done good and faithful servent come into your reward.but Iam no fool Ill be real blessed if I hear it,cause I make alot of mistakes.but I know he loves me away.and hopefully he takes what I try to do and looks at the desires of my heart and finds joy that I want to do good,I just dont always make it.
have a great summer my dear friends.you are in my thoughts and prayers.God bless you and keep you safe till we speak again.thanks for stopping by and for your friendship,and comments.its always nice to see you on my blog.
to (travistee) stopped over to say hi and answer your comment on blog.but it said I needed to i d my self cause I had to be welcomed by you.so I just didnt have time to mess with it.so its nice others have asked where Iam.but its best I dont comment on the things said on your blog.
I have expressed my feelings and worrys for you and some of your choices.but most of what I have said is like a wisper in the darkness or the wind.I hope you find what your looking for.and hope you stop throwing your self away.and find someone who will value you.but you cant do it if you step in between someone and the one who belongs to them.you cant start a relationship on sin it will fall apart.maybe not right away but sooner or later it will.
and they use to have a saying and its true."what goes around comes around".
so if ya dont want some chic horning in on your relationship,s then stop doing it to others.people who do that dont have many woman friends after a while.cause they want to keep their hubbys or boyfriends.
I aint one to beat around the bush I say it like I see it.I wish you well but I cant see being your moral compas any more your old enough to do it your self.think of your kids.one day they will be looking for mates.do you want them doing the things your doing?life is hard as it is without them getting hurt to.
some woman now days will kill a girl who step,s in on her man.if your daugther thinks its ok to steal a man she could meet one of these wild chic,s.I hope that never is the case.hope she finds love with someone who values her and they live in love till they draw their last breath.as much in love as they were the day they met.and I hope your other kids do to.
I know you may get mad its ok.I am a friend who will tell you the truth.and pray it makes you think..

Monday, June 23, 2008

family ties are strong.

The time I have been away from the blog has been spent with family and the Lord.
I just havent felt like posting for a long time.I see the kids and do things with them and have fun.but I just am posted out or something.so I will post when I can.
I will be reading your comments and your blogs but may not get time to comment for a while.
I see I have had some faithful friends who seem to hang around even if I havent been on for a while.thank you dear ones.but some people drop you if you have to take some time for your self.for you faithful ones your dear to my heart.
sunday my step mom,me Anna,Eric,jake,TJ all got together at Anna,s.step mom helen made potatoe salad BBQ.I brought bushes bean,s Anna made fruit salad and CAKE yummy.we stuffed our selves and looked at the family tree way back to the early 1800.it was awesome.the names and pictures of family long sence gone way before we were born.I have family who lived in cornwall England.and came to the USA to live.some day when Iam more able to post Ill get the copy of the tree and share some with you.
all I know is we are related to Nathen Hale.the dude who said."give me liderty or give me death."
and on my mom,s side Robin Hood.Oh brother men in tiets.and I read in the papers that we had a preacher way back in time.he had a girlfriend who was a french dancer.and then he showed up in another town with a wife with a diffrent name.and down the line one of the kids got the dancers name.but dont think the wife new it was the dancers name.or maybe she did cause he died not to long after.No just kidding!!!!
its funny to see how people lived and what they called their kids.alot of bible names.and some I wouldnt call my poor dog.
and some of them had so many kids I woulder how they could feed them all. we looked over all the stuff she had with her and then we just visited.later we watched some movies.it was a great day.
Experience Woodberry was one of the ladys names in the family way down in the line.her middle name was odd to ,but it slip,s my mind now.it was a real long name for a little girl to write.
well today the window washers are busy doing the windows.good thing my shades are closed cause Iam sitting in my nighty.I do my own so they dont do them.they came in once when I was gone and broke my shade,s and never replaced them.so they dont get in no more.
have a wonderful summer and maybe Ill feel more like posting soon.God bless you all.thanks for stopping.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

glory rays and God bless the troops.

guess I better do a post or you will think I died.
well its been a bit busy here and stressful at times. around the frist of the month at around 11:00 pm the fire alarm went off at the apartment.I was just ready for bed.I had to get dressed and go out into the hall.
they do tests now and then so we didnt know if it was a test or not.so I went back in to see if fire truck was here.they were and one fire man was getting his stuff on.
I walked down to the next wing to see if there was anyone there.two fire men were taking a lady down who was in a wheel chair.I asked if there was a fire.they didnt answer me but told me to go to my wing.
I no sooner got to my wing when a fire man came running in saying we needed to go out of the building.
we all hurryed down the stairs.I could then smell the smoke.I said Lord you promised while I lived here I wouldnt have to worry about fires!!! so I am taking that promise for me and all who live here.please get the fire out fast and pertect all our stuff.help all to get out safe.
everyone was down in the first floor loby.I touched the shoulder of one of the ladys who was in a wheel chair.then I walked out side to my van.I called Anna and told her what was going on.she said to come out there to stay.I said I would cause I didnt know if we could be able to go back in that night or not.
as I drove out I looked to see if I could see flames but all was dark.the fire had been on the 8th floor on the southwest wing.thats one floor above me and in the other wing.as I drove to Anna,s I prayed and I felt a peace I cant explain.I just knew all would be ok.but my mind wanted to over react.but the peace helped me know all would work out.
I got to Anna,s and we talked for a while then went to bed.as I lay down I said my prayers and fell into a restful sleep. I had no way of knowing if Id have a home to go home to.but this peace just washed over me and I fell asleep.
the next day we drove into see what was going on.and the boys had called when they went to school telling us they heard about it on the news.the news said the fire was in the 8th floor and they put it out fast and it only was contained to that apartment.little smoke damage and some painting needed.
Anna had me stay over a few days so I got my stuff and we left my apartment.there was no smoke smell or anything.
thank you Lord for your protection.
Then the 16th of the month they lay my fathers body to rest.winter they cant cause the frost in the ground.so we all meet at the little cemetary to say goodby till we see each out again.it was a nice mild day.the wind was blowing from the west.the sun was shining.it was the kind of day my father would have loved.Anna went with me for support.we broke every speed limet cross country.cause I ran into a road block that made me have to find a new way over there.as it was I still beat the rest of the family there by about 15 minutes.
as I sat there waiting I was thinking that Dad wasnt in that box,he was walking steets of gold and very much alive and well.He has a new body and he no longer has the efects of the stroke.so when the spirit of sorrow would try to come on me Id brust it away with the truth.
the words "oh death where is thy sting,oh drave where is your victory"? for my father is not dead but alive in heaven with Jesus.and I was gald for Dad cause he was free.I know where my father is and I know its a far better place then here.
so now Iam a child with my mom gone home my step Dad and my father,my granny and grandpa,aunts uncles,cousin,s,friends in heaven.I still have my step mom who is a blessing and my half brother and his family from that side of the family.
we left the cemetry and headed over to the farm for a lunch the family had.my step mom had went all out and made all the things my Dad loved.gloryfied rise,potatoe salad,roast beef,buns,kfc and more.
we all sat around the big table and one of the brother in laws said some thing nice about my Dad.and one of the young ones said a heart touching thing how Dad had touched his life.we visted and lauphed and enjoyed being together.everyone said how good the food was and how nice my step mom looked.she has had a hard time of it sence Dad left.she doesnt know what to do with her self with out Dad to take care of.
but now its her time to be just her.she needs a rest.she took care of my granny for years and when she went home to Jesus it was only a short time till Dad needed her to care for him.any way she has a new life to lead now.
Tj called me up one day last week and asked me to come out to stay.so I did and they kept me there till they left to go down to lucy,s and Paul,s places.I came home and spent the weekend here.it was ok cause I did some stuff I needed to do and just enjoyed the time alone.
I havent felt like posting just didnt have the energy or what ever.and just didnt feel I had the words.so I just didnt go on the blog at all.so please forgive me I just didnt have anything thing to share.but today as I sat here I felt it was time.
God bless our troops from every war.they faught to give us the freedom we have now.their blood crys out from their craves to say "we faught for freedom for those who couldnt.remember our part in your freedom, and dont protest what we did.or you belittle our deaths,and make our familys feel bad and hurt them.our deaths will never be in vain,for a fight for freedom is a fight for right."
God bless every man and woman who has faught in every war.they are hero,s to me.thank you all for the freedom this country has because of you.no one likes war.but if it has to be, then give me men and women who have what it takes to stand up and fight for what is right.where would we be if they had run for the hill,s or canada?things would be alot diffrent here.
this is my saying.
"Prayers not protest will get our troops home safe".think of that the next time you feel like protesting,its a waste of time and it hurts the troops who are fighting around the world,and also their familys.everyone wants the troops home safe ,but not before the job is done!!!!
To those who have lost loved ones in the war,s I share your pain and lose.I respect your loved one for fighting for what is right.I know that one day you will see that loved one again.heaven holds the hero,s."there is no greater gift then to lay ones life down for a friend or a stranger."