sister blog to view from the eagles nest.God,s love gives you wings to fly.and hope to get by.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

give me the north country.

Give me the north country with its wildreness beauty.with its eagles and lakes and streams shining in the sun.give me the trees that line the shores and the shady spots to stop to enjoy the view.
give me the swan,s all white and lovely that swim in the water near the cattails and bull rushes along the shore.
give me the swamps where egrets feed on silvery fish.and fly peacefully along the land or nest near the shore.
give me the red foxes in the meadow and along the tree lines.give me the birds who come in early spring to bless me when they sing.
give me the otter who sits on a log in the sun to show himself to me.give me the black and gray squirrels who run on the forest floor,and live in the holes safe in the tree,s.

Give me the eagle who watchs from the old white pine .that flys on wings so effertlessly.give me my dreams of stary nights of winter splender.with northern lights that brighten northern stary nights.
give me the north country and all its wonder.and this country girl will never wonder.give me the open beauty of a northern lake.with its surface as smooth as glass.give me the sound of wind as it whispers throught the pines.give me the ripples of creeks and streams.
give me lazy days of summer that drift into fall.with colors from Gods pallet to bless us all.give me the crisp nights and the sounds of the geese.the beauty of the forests all in their colored glory.give me the harvest of all God has given .give me the country north where I been liven.

for me its all more like heaven this north country where I am living.Lord thank you for where you placed me.for the beauty you have all around me.for the farm I grew up on.for the blessings one by one. I could never have planned it better my was your plan and it has blessed me so.thank you for your love for me.and all you have given me to see.

your faithfulness is so complete I know Ill never find another friend like you.who loves me the way you do.give me the beauty of the north country for there is where you have placed me.

and some day help me find beauty in your places I may enjoy them as well.but thank you for all places north the places I love most.

God bless you all have a great week.hope your weather is wonderful and you have time to enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

swamp willow and river side beauty.

One day last fall I desided to go for a ride out near my childhood home.this frist willow is in the swamp back of our farm.its a lovely tree and there use to be a house near it.but the DNR bull doozed the place and made a parking lot.

there is a old apple tree near the willow that has nice yellow apples on it in the fall.once in a while I go up to check to see if any are good to eat or make pies with.this year I was too late the deer eat them all.

This is along the river not too far from where I live its a nice drive and the hub and I use to drive down it to see if the big puff ball mushrooms where up.there was a place that had three big ones each year.but they were in someones yard.they are good eating but you have to know for sure they are the puff ball.

once long ago when my family and I moved to a farm to work.I found my frist puff ball to eat.
at first I thought it was one of the farmers kids
valliy ball.but when I checked it out it was a very large puff ball.I had heard they were good to eat so I picked it.they said it needed to be all white inside to I peeled off the skin and cut it with a was all white and so nice.soI made it for supper.

I cut it in slices like bread and fryed it in hubby at the time thought I was wacked,till I showed him the puff ball in my wild mushroom book.he tryed it then and so did the kids.they all thought it was so good.
one puff ball feed us all.sence then I have had others but they never stacked up to the frist was a answer to a prayer finding that one.and that one was the best yet.
this drive by the river also would help us see eagles as well.they love the big tree,s that hang over the water by the river bank.and if you go down early before the tree,s get their can see the eagles setting in the tree,s.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Geneisis 1;14=19

on the forth day God hung the star,s in place.the moon to light the night and the sun to light the devide the light from the darkness.

God,s light still will devide the light from the darkness if we will only look to his word to guide us.

some people use his word the wrong way to desive others and that is sad.but God is still God and he is love.he does not want old men to marry little girls.and he does not believe in a man or a woman to have more then one spouse.

just like it says that God created addam and eve and not addam and steve or eve and evea.he did not creat addam eve,evea,mary,betty sue,and hatty to live under one roof.

one man cant handle one woman how could he handle a whole herd of them?this is wrong pure and simple!!!why do you think they hide some place off where no one can see.they want to hide in the darkness of their sin,s.these guys know dang well what they are doing is wrong.and so do the women.why do you think they look like they been sucking lemons.not a smile or anything to show life is good.

any time someone wants you to believe in a man instead of Jesus then run cause you know some thing is wrong.they showed where those 400 kids lived.and you know I never seen a picture of Jesus or a cross any where.all I seen in their bedroom,s and on the wall,s of their livingroom,s was a picture of that fruit cake who made little girls marry old freaky men.

now he is in jail for his crimes.and the woman in that place still act like life was great.its called brain washing.and you can see it if you look at the woman.the lady with the unie brow who lead the reporter around proves it.she is brain washed.Id have ran away to find a hair wax kit long before this!!!

this kind of thing has to are being forsed into being sex slaves.its funny we go over to other countrys to free little girls who are being sold to be sex slaves.but in our own country under our own noses men are hiding and doing the same thing only under the name of religion.its sick and the government is paying for it.these guys are knocking up all these women and then having them go get welfare and food stamps.

if the guy wants that many women then let him make a living to support all of them.or make him get castrated.

men make me sick.I will be going to ask the Lord about all this when I get to heaven.and now I just say" Lord the sun and moon and the star,s are good.but to tell you the truth when you made men you sure screwed up big time!!!"but like it says in the the heart of man is all kinds of evil.left unchecked he will grow worse and worse.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

midlife and styles that dont fit.

I saw this picture on one of my friends blogs.think it was merles.and I thought "good Lord it looks like me.only she can wear high heels and I wouldnt be caught dead in them.(basicly Iam a cluts)
and I would never let anyone see my gut.and as for those arms well lets just say mine look more like a body builders who went nuts and over worked.and I have boob,s only not as much clevage.the hair is about right if I take it out of the bun I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.
and my tummy has more roll,s then the bakery down the street.the chin,s are right and they wiggle like a turkey woddle when I shake it.
its hard to get old and fat.but you know I feel good about me.I dont have the thought that Iam all that an a bag of chip,s.
ever see those add,s for people who lose a crap load of lbs?well you can tell the wieght loss turned them into self centered men chacers.they look in the mirror all the time and flip their hair like some spring filly let out to pasture after a long winter.
it makes me want to puke!!!!yes I lost wieght a few times and felt good.but the "look at me thing did seem to try to get hold of me". when a person is fat and feels homely they tend to look inside and the beauty of the real person shows through.cause that is where real beauty comes from.
but when the person figures they have it all cause they lost weight.then they go back to depending on looks.but you know looks only last so long.and if your depending on that alone your going to fall flat on your face.
the person who run,s around flipping their hair and flirting with everyone.and moving her body like some salmon in heat.soon loses her women friends and others as you lost weight so you look nice, great.but why mess it all up by acting like a jurk.
when you look back at someone who lost weight at their picture can see the beauty on their face.they look like someone you would like to know.but then you look at the new ones and you see that fonyness or strange spirit about them.I guess its called vanity..
Id rather be fat like me and still like my self.then to be skinny and act like some jurk.I have seen this thing happen to so many nice girls who have lovely personalitys and love their familys and friends.then they lose some wieght and they lose their minds and start acting like nut cases.
start wearing things a street walker wouldnt be caught dead in.flirt with any thing that comes down the their friends husbands.act like everyone and their brother or sister is hot for around with anyone who will pay attention to them.its like they lose their mind when they lose the lbs.and maybe in a way they do.a starved mind is a sick mind.
you cant go throwing up your food and stay healthy for long.and even those people who do it the healthy way act the I think it has some thing to do with ego instead of weight lose. all I know is I would rather have a friend who is alittle more happy to be a friend. then one who is so in love with themself that they dont care about anyone but themselves.
not all skinny people are ego junkys or act like this.but I have seen this action in alot of people who have lost weight.have you seen it to ,or is it just a midwest disease?any way this is one of my pet peeves.
one other one is seeing women in their 40,s trying to dress like teen,s.aint nothing more distastfull then seeing a older woman in a minie or short shorts.yuck all those veins sticking out and butt flab shaking hanging below the shorts, as they walk by is enough to give you nightmares for weeks to come.makes one wonder if they look in the mirror before they go out the door.
have you seen this kind of thing or is it just me?anyway I just had to vent this cause it bugs me.
Iam fat and not much to look at.but its ok cause I aint out to win no beauty contest,s.Iam just enjoying life as best I can being me..I been skinny and fat! life is life at both ends.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

spring is peeking out.

this picture is from mountain mama.
believe it or not we have lost the snow and th weather is getting warm.the sky is a powder blue not a cloud in site.and the air is mild.workers are out doing some spring cleaning in thhe park.and little birds are flying pass my window.
these little birds must have just come back cause I havent seen them before this.the red wing black birds are back and they say if they are back spring is here.
Anna and her family went on a over night trip to do some shopping.they will come home today some time.she called last night to say they were there and she would call today when they get back home.we do that so someone knows where you are and if your ok.
I havent felt alot like posting lately.I havent been doing much that was interestingso not much to write this will be shore for now.hope you all are well and enjoying life.God bless you all and Ill try to get something interesting posted soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

these new shoes are killing me.

thats the last time I buy them on the fly, without trying them on first.
maybe if I jump up and down for a while they will fit!!!

split rock lighthouse

this lighthouse is ner two harbor,s minn.its a lovely place to see.

the light house.

I love lighthouse,s

this one is so cute.I saw it on a trip to the lake.I love to go to lake superior. and Id love to live there along the shore.its a truely awesome place.

today will just do these pictures I have some other stuff to hope you enjoy the lighthouse,s.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sar bear came to visit

I call her sar bear cause when she was a baby she would was so cute.she would cuddle up to you and make little bear sounds.
Grandma,s girl
kids grow up too darn fast.where does the time go?
Birds of a feather

We told you not to chase that skunk!!!!yikes you stink..stay up there so we dont have to smell you.

Oh mom I didnt know it was a skunk.I thought it was a cute kitty.

well son maybe next time you will listen to me when I tell..and you wont end up in more hot water!!!

Its so nice to have little granddaughter came to stay for the evening last night.while her Dad, sister and cousins went to a christian consert.

she picked out a movie to watch called milow and ottis.its about a pug dog and cat, who are friends and live on a farm.they go on an addventure cause the cat ends up in a wooden box that floots down stream.

its a cute clean movie full of friendship and love.lovely country side pictures and good fun for a Na Na and her sweet grand girl.

we laughed and giggled at the antic,s of the two friends.but we also learned some to be a friend and try to save a friend. it was so nice to have her here if only for a while.she fell asleep on the couch about 9:oo or so.they rest of the family got back about 10:55 or so.

we all hugged and they left. it was frist time I seen my son in law for a long time.he reached out and hugged hurts me to know it will be a long time before I see him again.and its a long time to see the girls to.

I wish they lived closer.its hard when kids move away.they use to live here in a town 20 miles from me.and maybe if they had stayed there things would be better and not have turned out as they have.

but I cant let my self get I just leave it in the Lords hands.wish I could do something to bring back the good old days when all was well and the family was all together.but you cant.

today I filled out a mountain of papers for the divorce.I started at about 11:30 am and didnt get done till nearly I remember why its a pain in the drain to get divorced.they have to know every thing.and you have to fill out sets of stuff over and over.yikes I was about ready to pull out some of this gray hair.

when I got done I felt like a big mountain was lefted off my back.I did it as if it wasnt what I was was easy and as I did it became clear I was free.and I could feel the Lord giving me the help I needed to do it.

it will all be over soon and I am starting a new life with Jesus.and I am exsited to see where it leads.

have a great weekend everyone.God bless you and keep you safely in his hand.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Eagle One: Whats worse having the back door trots, or having Hillary in office?
Eagle two; Id rather have the shnits then see her face any more.
Eagle one;it was bad enouph having to deal will billy boy once.having both of them back would give me the shnits.
Eagle two;did you see how mccain kinda looks like us,with all that white hair?
Eagle one;like they say "silver hair is a sign of wisdom".
Even the birds in the USA are smart.we need someone in office who can tell the truth and run the country.someone who can take it under fire.someone who can speak for us all.someone who has a record for knowing how to deal in war times.someone who is able to climb above the storms of life and come out on top.we need a person who has good judgment.we need the one God has in I pray that the one God wants in office will get in.I believe it will be John Mccain.
I believe one day a woman may get in office.but she would have to be the right one.I also believe one day a black man will be in office.but he would have to be the right one to.we need a person who is God fearing and who cares more about what God believes then what the rest think,or can pay them.
the dem,s need to get in touch with the christian,s and find out what they think and believe.cause right now the dem,s are only interested in the ones who can give them money.if you look closely at what the dem,s support you can see they dont take God into the vote.I use to be a dem,and came from a long line of them.but when they started acting more like the devil,s clan I changed.I vote moral,s now not party.

Goodby winter.Hello Spring.

I dont know about you but Iam ready for spring.this last snow fall we had was one too Iam longing for flowers and beauty of a warmer kind.
so help me think spring.and say goodby to winter.

yes winter can be lovely but when it wont let go its not so lovely.the snow will take a few days to melt.if we get some warm weather.and then the flowers will show up.
the tree,s seem to be ready to cause you can see the budd,s just waiting to open.the birds are coming back and I can hear new songs being sung in the mornings.
I pray that soon I can walk out with only my hand bag and no coat.that will be wonderful.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ha ha that was a good one.

Happy April fools day.

two fools were sitting on a fool said to the other "thank God for this rock or we would be sitting in the fire".

the other fool said "you told me there wasnt any God".

the other fool said well you know I am a fool, why did you liston to me?the other fool said cause birds of a feather flock together.
the bible says "the fool says in his heart there is no God."I hope none of us are april fool,s or fools at all.cause I want us all to be in heaven wouldnt be heaven without all the people.. God made heaven for his family. and hell for the devil and his clan,but not for people.God intended for all people to believe in and recieve Jesus so they could come to heaven when they leave here.but some will refuse to believe and end in hell.its sad but true.
things here have been looking better.I was thinking about having to go and get the papers for the divorce and go though all the run around.and i was praying about it.I said Lord you know I never wanted to go through a divorce again.and how I felt about all the stuff that has gone on this last 5 years.its been a hard time for me and my family.
mom passing away,Lucy and her problems,now them getting a divorce,my father passing away.and all the other things that have come and gone. to let us know we still have a enemy here on earth and he is alive and well.well I was sitting just talking to the Lord about it.and the phone was hubby on the other end.he said he was going to take care of the papers.he said he had got the help he needed through SSI. and he had some money so he could do the papers.
I was so glad cause I dont like filing the was a answer to I will be able to sign the papers in a few days.and shortly there after it will all be done.
I hung up the phone with this feeling of joy or peace so strong.I was so surprised of how good I felt.I sat there for a few seconds just thinking.why did I feel so good?it was because I am free from the past.they say its dumb to cry over spilt milk.and its true,you cant go back and change things that didnt work out.all you can do is move on and trust the Lord to help you.
I wish hubby well and hope he finds what he is looking for.but I do not want him for a friend or any thingelse.28 years has showed me that as a friend he wasnt really one.cause when I needed him the most he wasnt there for me.and to be honest he was never there for me.he even said finely he didnt love me.he hadnt been honest with me.he even said he didnt remember all the good times we had,and that had happened before to.when he had his second melt down.I had to take the picture album and show him the smiles on his face and the things we had done together.and how much fun we had.its funny to hear someone say things like that.cause when you are with someone and they are saying they love you and how much they are enjoying their self.and then down the line they say "I never loved you,or I only loved you like a friend".then you say well you should go to Holly Wood cause your a good actor!!!!
but then I say a mind can do wierd things to you if your not careful.and being in a wac ward 5 times in 5 years shows there is some thing wrong.some people cant handle the storms of life.they are use to having things handed to them on a silver platter by the enemy.if your walking with him and not God.then the enemy pretty much leaves you alone.your living in sin and your headed to hell so the devil just lets you be.
but when you make a turn around and head away from the devil and head to God.then is when you meet the devil head on.and he doesnt want to lose he throws a few road blocks in your path to see if you mean business.and if you do mean business he knows he cant push you around.and soon if you stick to your gun,s you have the enemy on the run.
well some people have a problem.they have never had to fight for anything in life.every thing seems to just come to them.and when they get in a hot spot they give up and in...and they find themselves in a mess.
hubby had a easy life.he was nice looking and had a personality that pretty much got him what he wanted.and he just went with "what feels good do it".and he got into some wierd places because of it.lets just say when he was giving his testimony it would trun the church folks cheeks red.and send some I was in shock when I finely heard it all.
and yes I had a colorful life to,sin is sin!!!but I didnt even know you could do some of the things hubby did,or why anyone would want to in the first place.sin just opens up some nasty doors you dont want opened.and its sad when someone gets into something that can cause so much bad and evil.
I prayed for years for him to be free of the demon,s he had.and out of the blue the Lord got him free.and hubby was headed in the right way.but then some thing happened and all of the mess started and we ended as we are.he doesnt remember the good we had.and I cant go back to the bad.
it makes me wonder why God had me care so much at one time to pray for hubbys freedom before he was even my hubby.hubby had "only" been a friend for years.never dreamed Id be married to him,never crossed my mind.then all at once one day we were together and married.
but when I found out he didnt really love me like he said he did.then all of what I was believing is a lie.and you question your own heart and what it believes.
but I know when I married him I was loving him and wanting to be the best wife a man could have.and for a long time I did every thing to be just that!!! but then it all came down around my ear,s.and little by little we ended here.and its the best thing that could have happened.what I thought was a curse by losing him.turned out to be a blessing in hiding.
that may sound mean or hard hearted.but its true.when he left it was a blessing.he is moving in a diffrent dertection then me.he wants to believe some thing else so he can move on.and its ok if what your believing is true.but if its not then your moving the wrong way.
he believes we were never suppose to be together.well thats ok but we were and nothing can change the fact we were.and good came out of it. his family is seeking the Lord more.and one more of the family was saved and serving the Lord.and the family is learning their rights as a childen of God..
the problem was that hubby wanted the promises the Lord made to come to pass in hubby,s timing.and when it didnt hubby got upset and figured it was lie,s.well as long as I have been walking with the Lord I learned comes in Gods time not your,s!!!!and He keeps His promises,it just comes in fullness of time.or at the right time.the Lord doesnt give you some things if your still living in sin.he does not reward sin.some times your just not ready,so the Lord waits till you are.
hubby just couldnt stand the fact that things werent moving fast enough for him.he figured if he couldnt have every thing right now!!!that it wasnt true.well I been walking with the Lord for over 38 years and I am still waiting for some things.others have come already,and others I still am believing for.
the Lord had promised us a computer when hubby was still here.I didnt want one cause I have my reason,s.but when hubby left soon after the computer came.and that is why Iam on it.this is not my blog its the Lords blog.I didnt want the computer in the first place.but here it is and this blog is why.
when hubby was here we had been believing for a new van.well when hubby left and I didnt have a mom let me use her van.and when she passed away it was given to Id rather have my mom then the van.but it was her time to go and she wanted me to have it so I would have a God worked it had just went out and got the van only little while before she got you see the Lord was working out the plan.(and no he doesnt kill people off so their kid can have a van. infect God does not kill anyone sickness and disease does,and that is from the devil.)
but he does know when our time is up and we wont be needing some thing..any way God is faithful and keeps his word.He told me to believe for a van.and he would work it out.I knew I had no money to even get I said Lord please have someone give me one.or pervide the money.
and if God promises you something with someone and that person doesnt stick around till it comes.then dont give up cause God will still keep his word to you.I know that what God promised me will come to pass if Hubby is here or do I know?cause God does not lie,but people have their own free will.and if it looks like God lied then look closer,cause he has to deal with free well.that means He can promise something but if the person moves before God and doesnt trust him.then God has to work it out another just means it will take some more time,but it will come to pass.
hubby is gone and what we had is in the past.he didnt love me ,he loved the stuff.well when the stuff was slow to show up hubby was fast to run.well would I want someone who didnt love me or meet my needs to share in my blessings?no!!! so if hubby wasnt the man for the job then he wasnt the man for me..and I am blessed to be alone.
Once when I was praying the Lord said something to me that stuck.He said " I picked 12 men and one was a demon or what makes you think your the only one who has people betray you?
and you know it helped me.cause Jesus knows how I feel and can comfort me.he lived on this earth and went through the same things we do.only he did it without sinning.
so yes this last few years have been the pits and Id rather they never happen at all.but I have servived and learned from them.and I did not get crushed by them, I became stronger in my faith and my walk with Jesus.and I learned to fly like the eagle ,as I set my wings and raise above the storms of life .
life is never easy and at times it is the pits.but with Gods help we will make it if we stick close to him and not stop if God has promised you things or your believing for things dont give up just cause it doesnt look like they will come true.just remember we dont live by site we live by faith..
God bless you all and sorry so long but I promised Id tell you the truth and about my life and so it takes words to do it.
pray for Lucy and her family.the choses she and her hubby have made have brought them to divorce. I can see both sides of it.and only hope they can learn from this.and grow closer to the can be hard if your trying to fly alone with out Gods help.and if you really love someone you do what ever it takes to get them back.if you dont its best for both if you move on.each person desevers love and respect,and to be happy. (I have given it to the Lord.I still had hope they would work it out.and was praying with the girls for it.but now i just have to put it in the Lord,s hands.its no longer my fight its his.if he wants them back together he will have to change hearts to do it.)

I know two familys that ended up spliting cause of dumb was trying to get the other person back after cheating on them.but still running around with other people.and could not understand why the other person didnt want them back.people arent stupid and can see its not worth saving and the smart ones move on.if your still running around why would someone take you back.people who lie about their sin,s still arent ready to learn.and God will not let a person like that, find happyness if they are still living in sin.cause they would think God rewarded sin and he doesnt.

the other one was a family who had split cause the lady was a drunk and run around.well when the hubby finely was moving on and had someone else,then the wife came back and broke it up.then she would move on they are together but still not married.people are wierd.they dont know what they have till its gone,and sometimes you cant get it back.

free will is what the problem is.people make choices and fall for the enemys traps and soon they find themselves in a hole with no way out.but we all have to learn.some of us have to learn the hard way or by making the same mistake over and over tell we see the truth.

I pray we all learn the frist time so we dont spend so much time in the messes.