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Monday, March 30, 2009

spring is on the way.

hello Iam still alive and doing well.
guess I better say something about the new things going on sence I was on here last.(about the vote and the mess in the big office) Iam getting a new bumper sticker. ( DONT BLAME ME I VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY!!) and that is all Ill say about that.
I have been busy doing things to keep myself busy.and for some reason just did not feel like bloging. and didnt feel I had anything to say or share.and didnt want to put on usless empty words just to put something on.the kids are all healthy and busy with their own lives.the grandkids are busy with school.and TG is working and going to tec school.he is taking up tool and dye making.
and me I just visit them now and then and keep in touch with my step mom and I talk almost every day and I do not know what Id do without her.she has been a blessing in my life.
she is doing better sence Dad passed away.she seems to have come back to life again and has a zest for life.she is baby sitting her grandkids and enjoying life.
today I got a nuge to get on the I desided if I did Id post a small post to see if anyone is still reading my blog or if I have slipped into the dead zone.its easy to do that if you dont post every day.but sometimes its emportant to take time for your self.I needed time to heal and deal with some things that were bugging me. things that only God could help me with.and when It takes a dry spell to do it then its harder.I have felt like I been in the desert where dead dry bones stared back at me as if to say I was not worth anything to my self or others.I couldnt see why God had left me here in this dead dry was a hard spot to be in.
It was as if I had been walking along with the Lord and stopped to look around and when I turned back I couldnt see him anymore,it was scary.I knew he didnt leave me cause He doesnt do some how I lost him.I woundered how I was going to get back to his side?I prayed and asked about things that had gone on in the past.and I needed to know why some things had happned in the frist place.some things were so heavy on my shoulders I felt like I couldnt go anymore under the load.
I had to be very honest with the Lord and see things as I thing with God he does not fool around you eather be honest with him and your self or He just lets you be till you are.I had pieces from my past that I was trying to figure out.and you know some times you do not have any answers.some times things just happen and you cant figure them out.its at those times you just have to let go and let God.
Life is so short and time so valueable that you need to live and move on from things you cant change.some times people do things and you cant understand why.and it effects you and others.but you have to keep on living and doing what you know is best.
I found a verse in the bible where it talks about not knowing how good you had it till you see how bad it could be.and you know its true.once long ago me and the girls lived in a little house in a town close to here.we rented from a family that had a hard time.the mom had cancer and everyone did things for her and they all felt they had a bumb deal.I did the best to care for the house and even if I was alone I did what I could to leave the place better then I found it.
the roof was fixed by a company cause I was not making much money.and they also put blowen in insilation and fixed the porch roof that lecked.over 5.000 free work on the house that wasnt even mine.the landlord would not fix the roof cause he didnt have the from three years I had to pray we wouldnt have heavy snow cause the water would run in the bathroom.
one snowy night when I got up to go to the bathroom I seen a miracle.the water was running across the seling and into the bathtub.I stood there looking at it and could not believe my eyes.I stepped on a dry floor where water should have been on a wet carpet .
water does not run like that it drips stright down.I woke up the girls to see it.and they were suppised as well.well the roof got fixed and I didnt have to step in cold water in the winter anymore.
to make along storyshort when we moved the lady wanted me to find someone to rent the I found another lady with two kids to rent the place.I had to move by my self and the girls who were out of the home then were to clean their room and get their stuff.guess they didnt vac the floor and take some of their stuff.the lady was really ugly with me and said I left the place in a mess and was very mean.
I felt bad but could not do anything about it cause I had done the best I could.I wrote her a note and said.I had to pack all my stuff alone.I had only two people help me move and by time I was done I was wore had a moving company do all of that for had a husband to help you I was alone.I did the best I could for you.and when 5.000 dollors for work was done on your home for free just cause I lived there you never even said thank you.
what you need is to have a really bad renter so you know the diffrance.
it was funning cause the lady and kids who moved in there were just what the landlady needed.where the house was fxed while we lived there.these people trashed the place.they knocked out windows and trashed doors.they made the place look like a dump.and I thought dont complain cause you could really find out what bad renters really are.
and I believe in the next 4 years those who trashed bush will find out what a bad president really is like.from what I see now we are in for a long hard ride.and I believe God gives some people what they ask for so they know what bad really is.
Mr obama you are not my president,your not the Messiah (Jesus is),you make desions that go againt Gods word and it will come back to haunt you.God honoers life and unborn babys.your choices show you are not a man that follows Gods me you are a Obamanation and I for one am glad I did not vote for you.and all the others I know are glad they didnt eather.I pray the blessing of God is still on the USA.cause the people who believe still live here.I use my remote alot,I change the channel when ever you are on. and I pray God can open your eyes and heart to see the truth.
Be careful what you ask for you may get it....